Turkey or Ham Panini Sandwich

Use French Thick Slice Bread or Texas Toast Bread.





Use as many slices as you need.


I add mustard on one side and leave the other alone. You can add mayo or whatever you like to your bread. I then layer the bread with cheese, ham, turkey and more cheese.





I use Land O’ Frost ham and turkey but you can use what ever you would like.





I then spread butter/garlic powder on one side of the sandwich, lay it down on the griddle and butter the other side of the sandwich.








Put the lid down, and grill your sandwich. If you don’t have a panini griddle you can use a frying pan. Do the same process.



IMG_3169-001  IMG_3161-001 IMG_3162-001




Slices of bread

garlic butter, melted butter with garlic powder sprinkled in.

Cheese slices, your choice

lunch meat, your choice

mustard and/or mayo


Add mustard to one slice of bread, layer cheese, meat and another slice of cheese and top with bread.

Spread one slice of bread with butter and garlic. Lay butter side down on griddle, butter the other side of bread. Brown both side, making sure your cheese melts. If you are using a frying pan, I would put the setting on low or just a little higher, that way it doesn’t brown to fast without melting your cheese.

Your done. Cut in half and enjoy!


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